Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do the Next Thing

We want so badly to know what the future holds. Some of us will try everything to figure out what is going to happen before it happens. Take prophecy, people have been predicting the end of time for centuries. Searching and searching for the answers..... We know from bible prophecy what the end looks like but WHEN..... And HOW..... When will it all take place? How exactly will it all play out? Only God knows.

So we plan what we believe we have control over. We plan everything out just so, and then we have nothing to worry about. Right?

What I'm talking about is trying to control everything so nothing bad happens. Nothing except the reality of Gods control is a sure thing. So what to do?

We rest in God's control. We do the next thing. We put ALL things in His hands and go along for the ride. We do the next thing He gives us to do when He tells us to do it.

Our life is no longer our own and although we are at times given the privilege of seeing the outcome of Gods work, it is not a given that we will. Sometimes we just do the work and move on without knowing the reason why or seeing the outcome. It is after all His work not ours and we are only His tools.

We have no real power over the things that happen around us, but we know the one who does. So we rest in His power, trusting in His goodness. Knowing that He has our best interest at heart.

You see, He is not afraid of us going through a little trouble or pain. He knows we can handle it and if we are relying on Him we will be OK.

How do we stop relying on ourselves and trying to control the outcome of the future?

We break the pride that’s inside of us that gives us the belief that we can control things. We trust that the one who created us really does love us and wants the best for us. We put ALL of our life in His hands and take the attitude of a servant. Then we do the next thing we are told to do.

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  1. Ashley your posts always uplift me!!! I'm sooo impatient sometimes wondering why I can't figure it all out already. I will remember this next time I feel so impatient.