Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No doubts, No questioning

I just love superheroes, they takes me back to childhood.
Speaking of childhood, I now get to relive mine with is my 5 year old Caleb.

Caleb LOVES superheroes!

Recently, Caleb, asked me what is his super power, I said that your power could be want ever he wants it to be. He throw up his hands up in the air and said "Super Power!" He really believes it will work when he throws up his hands. Not sure what Super powers he has but because he shouting at the top of his lungs it’s certainly something. I ask him what is his powers and he said everything powerful. WOW Everything powerful.

What an ability to believe in what seems impossible. As I watched Caleb ran around the house with his new super powers. I have begun to ponder my capability to believe like a child again. Can I go back and just take things at face value like I did as a child? Can I ever trust like that again?

How awesome that would be. To take God's truth and love at face value and just believe like Caleb. No doubts, no questioning, just trust in the power.

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  1. Wow.. So true! I feel the older I get the harder it is to believe in things with NO DOUBT. It's strange,because when I was a little girl I believed in ANYTHING I WANTED with ALL MY HEART!
    This is my new prayer now, to TRUST AND BELIEVE like I did when I was just a kid. Have NO doubts, questioning and trust in JESUS CHRIST POWER! :)