Sunday, March 15, 2009

Power Of Prayer

Today, we know everything about famous people. Because of TV, Internet and Magazines.

It was a lot harder to get info about someone 2000 ago. Although his life is better documented than any other ancient person, we still don’t know much about the personal details.

Jesus was the special friend of hurting people in society. People who are rejected and hurt by others are particularly the objects of God’s love givers through Jesus.

Event after event in Jesus’ life came first, and it was only later the Disciples noticed that certain events had been predicted in the Old Testament.

The Disciples noticed the effectiveness of Jesus prayers and decided they could use a bit of that power too. Luke 6:12
We all could use power of Prayer.
Do you think there is power in prayer?

Let me know what you think about this power of prayer.


  1. I 100% agree!
    There is POWER in prayer!! We serve an awesome GOD!
    I have personally seen many answers and results from prayer, and that's how I know with out a doubt, it's real and powerful!!

  2. I hope there is power in Prayer. After hearing Dad preach his sermon this past Sunday it all goes back to FAITH. It's easy to say you have faith, but its a different story when you have to stand up on that FAITH and CLAIM it and take action with it. I think if you truly believe and CLAIM it in GODS NAME the power of prayer will work. :)

    * I have a question for you now....
    Stephen and I were talking on the way back to Plano last night and our question is,
    --> Can you PRAY for something you want and "BELIEVE" God will provide for you?? What if it's not what God wants for you, should you stil BELIEVE will ALL YOUR FAITH in what YOU WANT?

  3. Yes is my answer to the question.
    Because God said ask and I shall receive.

    I have faith in God twenty four seven. I always end my prayers thanking Him. For listening and answering my prayer. I seldom pray for myself because most of my prayers are for others.

    But when God says no to me for my personal prayers. I know He has some thing better for me then what I asked for.

  4. I too believe in the power of prayer,if it were'nt for the power of prayer my life would be in shambles, but because I HAVE FAITH IN MY PRAYERS,and for the prayers of others for me,my love and trust in God has grown tremendously.

  5. I believe in the power of prayer, its gotten me thru alot!