Friday, June 5, 2009

Meaning of Life

What gives our lives meaning? It certainly isn’t having lots of money, because no amount of money can buy you a feeling of significance. Buying new and nice things brings temporary excitement that quickly fades, forcing us to go on looking for the next best thrill. Being famous, or successful puts us in the spotlight for a moment, ask T.O. X Dallas Cowboy.But at the end of the day that empty void inside still stirs. Why? Because we were created to have purpose and meaning in life, and the more experiences we have in life, the more deeply we feel the need to discover that meaning.

There is only one purpose of this life. The meaning of life is to glorify and please God. There are many other reasons why we were created as well, but they are all rooted in glorifying and pleasing The Lord. While God has a uniquely different plan for each of our lives, we all share this primary purpose. Sorry T.O. going to miss you, but maybe you will learn. If not you still have a few teams you have n0t play for.

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